Year of the Brown Earth Dog 2018 – few advices

According to the Chinese horoscope people born in the year of the dog tend to be friendly people, intelligent and very noble, although sometimes stubborn. The new chinese year will start soon. Visit Chinese Horoscope 2018 – Year of the Earth Dog to learn evething on this subject.

Dog Year Dates

The signs of the Chinese horoscope govern every twelve years during a full one and all who are born in the year of the dog are considered to be born under the auspices of that sign of the horoscope. All born in the years 1910, 1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, belong to the dog sign.
Personality of people born in the year of the dog

According to the Chinese horoscope those born in the year of the dog are kind people, trustworthy, lovers of good deeds, are faithful to family, friends and ideas.

In the latter this fidelity makes it difficult for them to change their appearance, turning the stubbornness into its greatest defect. Those born in the year of the dog are usually intelligent and intuitive guiding themselves in life by a combination of both qualities.

Natives of the dog sign are lovers of justice and would love to change the world, but in the end they prefer to adapt to not suffer. However, their sense of justice along with their stubbornness can hurt them. When they suffer some wrong, they live it as a great injustice to them. They tend to have a tendency to pessimism.

The dog socially

The Chinese horoscope says that people born in the year of the dog are very sociable, friends of their friends. Always ready to lend a hand or a shoulder to listen to the pain, in addition without danger of cotillee with the intimacies of others. Although sometimes they can sin of excess of zeal with their friendships and can be a little invasive.

Those born in the year of the dog enjoy social gatherings, do not need to feel the center of attention and are always willing to meet new friends. As hosts are great, always making sure everyone is as comfortable as possible.

The dog in love and family

The dog signs in love are good companions, attentive, loving and a little heavy by protectors. They usually have few relationships until finding the definitive one. When there are problems in the relationship try to fight for it as long as you believe you can save. In general it costs them to change of pair.

If the dog sign is a symbol of loyalty and help in their family environment, it is par excellence. Their natives are careful parents of the needs of their children, both material and affective. You can pass with the rules, without being authoritarian.

The dog in his working life

The people born in the year of the dog are excellent workers when they are entrusted with a task, they are tenacious and efficient. They are compliant in their work and their honesty makes them ideal for delicate positions of responsibility. As bosses are demanding, but understanding and fair, so if there is any reason justifying some failure at work will excuse.

According to the Chinese horoscope the ideal profession of those born under the sign dog is the one that allows him contact with people, such as commercial or salesman. In professions such as nursing and social care, they would also be great professionals as long as they master their protective instinct. They would also excel in teaching, advocacy and as firefighters.

The Dog does not present excessive health problems except those related to nerves, which seem to appear at any time, especially if you do not enjoy a stable home. They hardly ever have serious illnesses, and even older people appear less years than they have. may have back problems, and over the years usually suffer from arthritis. Dogs are lucky not to. to fall almost never sick, because diseases are not precisely their strong point: they must be less apprehensive.

Dogs love open spaces. The camp relaxes them a lot, and they are able to walk for hours. They are attracted to remote and wild places, so they often spend their holidays in wild and sparsely populated regions.

Your Element

For those born from: February 10, 1910 to January 29, 1911: Metal Dog
January 28, 1922 to February 15, 1923: Water Dog
February 14, 1934 to February 3, 1935: Wood Dog
February 2, 1946 to January 21, 1947: Dog of Fire
February 18, 1958 to February 7, 1959: Dog of Earth
February 6, 1970 to January 26, 1971: Metal Dog
January 25, 1982 to February 12, 1983: Water Dog
10 February 1994 to 30 January 1995: Wood Dog
January 29, 2006 through February 17, 2007: Dog of Fire

If you are Metal Dog, you are very rigid and severe in your judgments and you can dedicate your whole life to a cause. Highly disciplined, you impose on yourself tasks that you must fulfill at all costs. It is not easy to convince yourself when you have already laid out your plan of action.

If you are a Water Dog, your level of intuition is very high and you achieve your goals by following your nose. You are more open than others in your relationships with other people and you know exactly when to withdraw on time.

If you are a Wood Dog, you are the most charming of the Dogs. You subjugate everyone with your presence, inspire confidence and security. You are popular and socially accepted by all for your good character, optimism and positive disposition at all times.

If you are a Dog of Fire, you have a strong tendency to exaggeration and drama and to do things in a big way. Your spirit is very independent and your proverbial value. You are creative and original, but at the same time you can be very imposing and dominant.

If you are a Dog of Earth, you are the most impartial and fair of all, an effective and conscious thinker whose advice is highly appreciated. Your perceptions are deep and you immediately perceive the feelings of others and you can enter into the hearts in a direct and unambiguous way.

Dog Compatibilities

With a Rat, there is mutual respect, they can work to obtain common solutions and solve difficult problems. In love there is compatibility and many desires to calmly resolve the differences. In the labor aspect there will be cooperation and understanding. Very compatible.

With an Ox, it is not the best relationship because the interests collide, there are personal conflicts and also struggles for power. In general, they do not get along. They could get to work together on a task. But once finished, they would avoid meeting again. In love compatibility is very difficult.

With a Tiger, it is the type of excellent combination. They will achieve success in business and good communication in love. Interests tend to be common and differences of opinion are resolved in a harmonious and creative way without major consequences. Highly recommended.

With a Rabbit, there is mutual respect and trust. They admire and need to achieve their goals. Both can work together all their lives and also have a happy and very happy love relationship. The interests are shared and the needs are satisfied in the same way. Very compatible.

With a Dragon, the confrontation is constant and they can not be together because they fight. The interests, opinions, lifestyles and spiritual needs are totally opposite. At work they do not resist. In love, the clashes are so many that in the end they end up with the relationship. Very incompatible.

With a Serpent, you get on very well. The interests are common and at the same time there is a feeling of mutual admiration that enriches the relationship. They will cooperate a lot in the work to achieve common objectives and in the love life they will manage to resolve their differences in a sensible, peaceful and cordial way. Very compatible.

on a Horse, the combination is highly compatible and very good relationships are predicted, both at work and in love life. It is the union of understanding and common interests. The level of affinity is very intense and deep, the prognosis of happiness very favorable.

on a Goat, is a relationship of mutual tolerance. They can get along more or less well and work together for short periods of time. In love it is difficult because interests are opposites and many conflicts of interest arise.