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2018 is going to be a year of transformations. It will mean the beginning of a new beginning in which we will have the capacity to overcome challenges and challenges with determination and with a confident and positive attitude.

The planet Jupiter, in the sign of Scorpio for most of the year, will help us to regenerate and start from scratch.

We will reap successes that are not exempt from struggle and effort, and we will move on the edge of the impossible.

Calm and chaos, lights and shadows, smiles and tears will coexist this year, offering us the opportunity to learn from new experiences and assimilate them to advance our personal evolution. In this article you can find information for just a few of the signs. For the 2019 detailed horoscope, visit .

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This year will be very favorable for your personal and social relationships and you will give much importance to your image. You will feel the need to renew yourself, to change habits of behavior, behavior … and you will remove from your life those people who are toxic and take away energy.

On March 6 Venus, the planet of love, enters into your sign, and will ignite your passions. Aries, get ready to enjoy yourself because you are going to become a true warrior of the heart willing to undertake the most daring love conquests.

Although you start the year with some instability in the economic field, soon very interesting job opportunities and future projects will arise that you will have to know how to take advantage of because they will bring you huge economic benefits.

With the entry of the Sun in your sign, on March 20, you will start a fortunate and very favorable period in which any magical event can happen.

From mid-May to mid-November, the planet Mars will make you very good aspects and will be months in which you will enjoy great energy and vitality. You will want to live to the limit, you will want to enjoy your freedom and new and exciting experiences, but you must be careful to let yourself be carried away by impulsive reactions that only bring you problems.

This year there will be five eclipses: January 31, February 15, July 13 and 27 and August 11. The first of them will strongly affect everything related to your family and your luck, and the February one can make your friendship relations suffer. You could discover the betrayal of someone you considered a friend. In general, you must remain alert and not take risks on the days that the eclipses will occur.


This year success will accompany you in all the projects and initiatives you undertake. You will free yourself of loads of the past and you will not doubt a moment of everything you are capable of. New opportunities can arrive that allow you to redirect your life in the direction you want.

The arrival of spring will fan the flame of love because the planet Venus in your sign, in the month of April, will grant you an irresistible charm and will invite you to enjoy love in a big way. After a slightly moving summer, in the autumn the clouds will dissipate and love will flourish again.

This is a fantastic year to develop your intellectual and communication skills, and to recover professionally, setting yourself new goals that will allow you to show how much you are worth and that you will report financial gains without taking risks.

On April 20, the Sun will enter your sign and your benefactor energy will help you start a very lucky period. The communication will be very fluid and will be greatly enhanced, and personal relationships will give you the possibility to share new experiences. Autumn can bring you new opportunities and you will feel that a current of positive energy, of strength, of optimism, of illusion … flood your life, being the moment to reach a dream that you have not yet been able to fulfill.

Throughout this year five eclipses will occur. Of these, three will be solar (February 15, July 13 and August 11) and will affect you, especially in the family. Conflicts, tensions, dramas may arise … and you must act with patience to harmonize your life.

To listen to your inner voice, your premonitory dreams and your intuitions, and it reminds you that you must take care of your personal relationships so that your life flows harmoniously.


2018 is going to be a year full of news and changes, in which you will know how to use all your potential to transform the negative into the positive. Your personality, so versatile and brilliant, will attract a lot, and it is possible that they propose something interesting that gives a very positive turn to your life.

The planet of love, Venus, will go through your sign from April 24 to May 19 and it will be a fantastic time to make some change that enlivens your love relationship or helps you find love, if your heart is lonely. Summer will bring fieryness and enthusiasm to your intimate relationships, and you can enjoy your sexual life intensely.

This year luck will smile on you in the professional field and you can have new income. Although during the first quarter you can suffer moments of uncertainty and anxiety, spring will bring very

The Sun will enter your sign on May 21, and coinciding with your birthday you will go through a very active and happy period in which you will be closer to fulfilling your dreams. The planet Uranus will free you from the ballast of the past and, also, as this year is in harmony with Saturn, it will help you to avoid the jealousies and the bad intentions of others. In July, with the trine between the Sun and Jupiter, the rewards will rain for the effort and the illusion that you always put in everything you undertake.

Stay alert and do not take unnecessary risks on the days that eclipses will occur this year: January 31, February 15, July 13 and July 27 and August 11. Specifically, the July 13 will affect your money sector and may bring changes in finance.


This year will be very prosperous for your interests because the planet Jupiter, the great benefactor, is going to make you very good aspects and your professional life can be seen as if it were a magic wand. You will feel that luck smiles at you and that what you used to worry about now begins to take a positive turn.

Spring is going to be a magical moment to strengthen any affective relationship. From May 19 to June 13, the planet of love, Venus, will go through your sign and your power of seduction will be shocking, and there will be no one to resist you. And with the beginning of summer comes a moment of conquests, of flirting, in which you can meet very interesting people, and if you do not have a partner it will be a good time to find it.

Throughout this year, in addition to making important and accurate decisions in the monetary field, there are going to be new circumstances that will allow you to reactivate your economy. At the beginning of July you can have an unexpected stroke of luck, and with the arrival of autumn you can experience great professional progress, and that the well-aspected Sun, Venus and Mercury will increase your good fortune, attracting abundance to your life.

You receive 2018 with the full moon in your sign, auguring a good start to the year … The good aspects that Jupiter will do to you during most of the year will help you to act with security and enthusiasm, and will activate your creativity to the fullest. And with the entry of the Sun in your sign, on June 21, you will begin a golden period in which you will feel that the Cosmos protects and pampers you.